A Compendium of Flash Fiction


Authors Mara White and Suanne Laqueur challenged a diverse and eclectic group, from international best-sellers to debut authors, to titillate on their own terms, but in 1,500 words or less. The result is a sizzling collection of flash fiction stories, dedicated to both the writers and readers who struggled with creativity in the last year.

It comes as no surprise that readers everywhere are eager to have their senses teased by erotic fiction, as imagined by people whose experiences, identities and persuasions may—or may not—mirror their own. Such stories arouse, satisfy and offer intimate glimpses into different relationships and provocative couplings. The twist of Flesh Fiction is to do it in under three pages.

Whether you’re reading on the run, or settled in for hours, Flesh Fiction has plenty of time. Anything goes in this eclectic, inclusive compendium, and it’s the wish of White and Laqueur that the small love bites will bring joy, whet appetites and inspire new visions.

With works by: Hilaria Alexander, Danielle Allen, Jon Andrew, Arden Aoide, Willow Aster, N. Isabelle Blanco, S. Ann Cole, Stevie J. Cole, Auden Dar, Abigail Davies, Cole Denton, Leslie DJ, Ella Dominguez, Robert Dominguez, Jessie Ewing, Cece Ferrell, Dee Garcia, Kim Golden, Michael A. Gonzalez, JR Gray, Autumn Grey, SamHaine, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Lexa Isles, AM Johnson, Nina G. Jones, Garlia Cornelia Jones, Seth King, Laquette, Suanne Laqueur, K. Larsen, Emery LeeAnn, Eva LeNoir, Isabel Love, M. Mabie, Marni Mann, Laura Martinez, A. Martinez, Tabitha McGowan, Yolanda Olsen, Danielle Pearl, Jason Powell, Cynthia A. Rodriguez, JR Rogue, Stephanie Rose, Satin Russell, Kat Savage, Rebecca Shea, Jenika Snow, Cecilia Tan, Mara White, TT Wild.

Foreword by Dylan Allen