The debate of authors vs. writers is one that has been treated for years. One makes a living from his or her writing, the other likes to write and now has the colossal opportunity to self-publish and see aforementioned work on all the available venues. I’ve read the articles, I’ve frowned in disagreement or nodded when arguments seemed legitimate. It is, in fact, an interesting debate.

That being said, when one from our growing community is hurdled into a living nightmare it doesn’t matter if you write to keep food on the table or to see your book on the sale’s rack.

We write romance, love stories, happily ever afters so when one of our own is suffering from the immeasurable pain of losing the love of her life without any warning, we stand up and we stand strong.

We do not play hide behind our “fame” or the fact that we don’t “have time”.

What we do is “get shit done”.

Karli Rush has become my friend throughout the years. We have read each other’s books, giving each other advice and lifting each other up when we think we’re deadbeat writers. Because it happens to the best of us, no matter the list we may or may not make. We are our own worst critics and are able to bring ourselves down faster than you can say: “New York Best-Seller”.

On August 13th, Karli’s already heavy-burdened world fell completely and utterly to the ground when her husband died of a heart attack. Too young, too soon. Too much.

He was the breadwinner.

He was the love of her life.


He was the rock that helped her get up every morning and face another endless day at the hospital.

You see, their 20 year-old son has been hospitalized and on dialysis for last few months awaiting a kidney transplant . That in and of itself is a weight no parent wants to bear because in no worthy parent’s world do we ever want to see our children suffer. Her youngest son is autistic and the reality of his older brother being so far from home has never been easy to explain. What happens when that child also loses his father?

What happens to Karli?

When I learned of this tragedy I froze. As any mother, wife or simple human being…

I. Just. Froze.

What do you say to a woman who now has the entire weight of the world upon her shoulders?

What do you do to make that person feel an ounce of good amidst the pain?

To answer those questions, I had to imagine myself living her life but I couldn’t. Of course, I couldn’t. However, I realized one thing.

You stand up and you get shit done. Or you support.

Karli’s Street Team did just that. They rallied together, took time from their families, their personal lives and their work to form a united front.

If you’re an author: Join us.

If you’re a reader: Join us.

If you’re a woman: Join us.

If you’re a human…that’s right, you guessed it…Join us.

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Let’s show the world that our community, takes care of our own.

We stand up and we lend a hand.

We. Get. Shit. Done.

So, of course, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY to help her.

For a chance to WIN a paperback copy of ANY of Karli’s books, all you have to do is comment below with the title that most interests you.

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